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SAGO Training & Education Profile

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About SAGO International Group


SAGO International Group (SIG) Group is an organization take in its responsibilities to provide excellent services to our communities 'through professional team, utilizing updated international experiences in a different subjects and focuses.

SIG has a unique methodology in capturing the spirit of SAGO team and how to interact with others with high commitment to deliver excellence services to our clients, stakeholders, and the

community, aiming to be the most trusted and respected professional services provider.

SIG appreciates its employees, as SIG leadership characterized by transparency and honesty where every employee individually and collectively will dedicate themselves to provide our customers an exceptional service, extraordinary customer care, and professional integrity so as a result of this awareness SIG implemented values that incorporated into our daily lives.

SAGO has established its own quality management system based on an extensive international references in order to ensure that our customer has a consistent satisfaction as well as effectiveness and efficiency are assured, therefore SIG quality management system will be able to provide a continues improvement by applying the below golden 6Cs principles;

· Considerate the organization culture.

· Censure the Organization resources.

· Conclude the measurable short/long term objectives.

· Construct  the action plan pathway ( Structure , Processes, outcome) 

· Confirm, Monitoring and Reviewing the effectiveness of key processes.

· Contrivance maintenance and sustainability action plan.


SAGO policies, procedures and regulations are built to:

· Meet our client focus and needs as they will be adapted, adopted and modified in a regular bases based on any new validated international quality resources as well as the national demands.

· Have the required updated continuous improvement processes.

· Employee empowerment and job enrichments, training and teamwork.


SIG is located in several countries through partnerships strategy; (SIG) SAGO International Group

which includes SAGO Int. for Training, SAGO Schools, SAGO Consultation, SAGO Early Child Hood

SAGO International for Training and Education

SAGO International for Training and Education

IT Training Programs

Business & Management Training Programs

Graphic Design 

English Training

SAGO Int. for training has established by efforts of expertise with over 20 years of offering training services and consulting in various fields in international level, these efforts and experiences together has culminated to setting up a specialized international institution to provide an updated and advanced training and development.

SAGO Training leading training, education services and professional development solutions to support our partners and stakeholders to face their challenges through international, professional educational methodologies.

SAGO Training learning programs meet the needs of global and National organizations as well as individual professionals, in addition to helps businesses to close skills- educations gaps and promote a continuous talent development environment.

SAGO Training Offers the most relevant and timely contents delivered by qualified and selected instructors.

SAGO Training provides flexibility in developing the required educational programs as we are providing the required support to our partners to customize their private programs based on international experiences and facilitating these programs in a convenient public training scheduling options to accelerate their success.

SAGO Training provides the communities, individual as well as companies and government with:


 SAGO Int. Training Centers are approved and supervised by Accreditation & Quality Assurance Center (Ministry of Labor). Moreover, our staff are chosen for their qualifications, experience and also for their interest in our students. Most of them are authorized by the biggest companies worldwide, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Huawei and others. We have a trained customer service team. Both teams work together to achieve the qualified work and the customers’ satisfaction. 

Our programs at SAGO Int. Training Center are offered for individuals and companies, as well, who are always eager to gain the most recent and professional skills in IT world.

SAGO Int. Centers offer a multitude of technical courses that are required to earn the most well-known and credible certification programs in the IT industry today.


 SAGO Int. Training Center provides the market with high quality Management Training Programs that works within a clear vision.

SAGO Int. Training Center provides you with an unrivalled range of courses to increase the effectiveness of your staff. To provide you with actionable knowledge, skills, techniques and strategies that you can use to improve and grow professionally. We are providing the market with the Professional training in the world such as, Franklin Covey, PMI, CPB

SAGO Int. Training Center trainers brings our management methods to leaders at every level of the organization and helps them improve the execution of work and deliver results. We also have a motivated and fully equipped customer service staff that is always able to provide a consistent and excellent customer service at all times.


Is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typographyphotography and illustration. The field is considered a subset of visual communication and communication design, but sometimes the term "graphic design" is used synonymously. Graphic designers create and combine symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages. They use typographyvisual arts, and page layout techniques to create visual compositions. Common uses of graphic design include corporate design (logos and branding), editorial design (magazines, newspapers and books), advertisingweb designcommunication design, product packaging and signage.

SAGO English Department has been dedicated to providing English programs of the highest quality to international students.  By employing highly qualified and dedicated instructors and by utilizing a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum, SAGO provides the perfect environment for rapid language improvement. 



Financial education is increasingly important, and not just for investors. It is becoming essential for the average family trying to decide how to balance its budget, buy a home, fund the children’s education and ensure an income when the parents retire.




· Financial Analysis

· Accounting

· Qualified Accountant.

· Finance for non-Financer.

· Excel for Financer.

Finance & Accounting Training

Customers Corporate



SAGO International for Training and Education serves and deals with more 6500 individual clients annually in deferent training program in several fields such as ICT, Management, Business, Entrepreneurship, Languages, Graphic Design and Engineering.





SAGO Int. For Training and Education Facilities

SAGO Training
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