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SAGO Schools believes that all its students will reach high academic levels due to their scientific initiatives and continuous efforts through the application of the methodology of creative thinking.
Sago Schools is constantly looking for qualified teachers, staff, and administrators to form a professional educational community where everyone is committed to working to improve their professional capabilities.

And improving their effectiveness through measuring tools specific to their educational procedures and processes for the purpose of continuous improvement and improvement.

SAGO Schools promises students' families and the community that they will be an integral part of their success and welcomes active families to be partners in building their educational system through inputs.

Valuable and participatory in making important decisions about academic and enrichment programs.

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SAGO Schools provide a rich learning environment and a comprehensive system of support by applying international standards of techniques and procedural philosophy to achieve its goals with a global scientific methodology and supportive systems such as


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SAGO Schools News

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You are welcomed from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm

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