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Sago International  Group expands its activities to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to the systematic expansion plans that the Sago International Group seeks to achieve after the series of successes that the group has made in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , Sago International Group enriches its presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a package of strategic agreements with a group of long-standing and large institutions that started their activities in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its divisions, SAGO Consulting , Sago International Institute for Training and Education, and SAGO Teleportation (SVEW).

Dr.Derar shhabat, CEO of Sago International Group, confirmed that this step came after a number of achievements and successes that were built by the Sago International Group with its various divisions on which it relied in the new expansion plan in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab countries.

As Dr. Derar shhabat stated that the new expansion plan began in Saudi Arabia with the implementation of a package of training programs offered by the SAGO Institute for Training and Education with the VEW methodology, which is applied through the SAGO Telematics Department (SAGO-VEW) distinguished by the application of SQS quality standards to achieve local visions with international standards.

It is worth noting that the Sago International Group was established at 2010 in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and includes 7 operating departments, namely Sago Consulting, Sago International Institute for Training and Education, Sago Schools and Sago Early Childhood Schools, Sago for Functional Matching, Sago for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Sago for Remote Communication (SVEW) in addition to two divisions under construction, namely SAGO For Engineering, Software and Sago Medical Centers

Sago International celebrates its tenth year anniversary











   Sago International Group celebrates its tenth anniversary , as it was established in 2010 through the Sago Consulting Division. in addition to Sago Consulting , six new departments were established within last ten years. They are Sago International for Training and Education in 2015 , Sago Schools in 2017, Sago  Early Childhood in 2018 ,at 2019 two departments were established, namely Sago for leadership and innovation and Sago for job matching, and in 2020, a Sago department for remote communication was established.


On this occasion, the CEO of the group, Dr. Eng. Derar Shhabat affirmed that this success was crowned first by the grace of God Almighty and secondly due to the concerted efforts made by the team work and the group’s keenness in all its sectors to present everything new and useful.

its constant desire to be as much as the trust of its esteemed customers , to achieve their expectations ,and touching on their aspirations.

During the past ten years, SAGO International Group was able to establish its solid foundations in Jordan as a national institution with distinction, minds and Jordanian hands from the sons of this generous nation and was very keen to achieve its vision and mission through its work, which had the most impact in building this distinguished edifice and strengthening its presence globally with its distinguished presence In more than one country with a slogan


Local Insights, Global Standards .

10 years

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Sago International Group
Wait for us tomorrow, Saturday 10/24/2020, in a special interview on the program " # New Day " on the Jordanian TV screen, to talk about the Sago International Group, its origin and programs. It will be hosted by: Dr. Dirar Shihabat, CEO of Sago International Group .
And Vice President of the Training Sector Jaafar Shihabat

To watch the episode on Jordanian TV
Jordan TV website
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